Sunday, April 15, 2012

GAME Plan Reflections

My GAME Plan will be reflective of the wealth of information acquired through my course of study.  Emerging technologies are needed to facilitate the changes in our learning environments.  As new Common Core curriculum correlate with NETS and STEM, teachers will need to learn how to develop and design lessons that engage students in authentic learning.

What are the objectives of the lesson?  How can I find appropriate resources that will enhance learning?  How can I effectively assess students with technology?  As teachers face the daily challenges that exist with cultural, social, academic, physical and language diversities, they must be willing explore new ways to meet such demands.  Structuring goals, methods, materials and assessments provide flexibility, student choice, and varied options for representations, and student engagement.

Technology offers online multimedia resources that can used with PBL.  These technologies offer safe student collaboration and communication, while still allowing for student monitoring. Wiki, blogs, and ThinkQuest provide online learning communities that integrate both technology and curriculum beyond the classroom. 

My exploration of digital storytelling allowed me to see cross-curricular advantages that these tools offer.  Students are able to delve in the arts and enhance their creativity and behind-the-scene knowledge of mass communication and production. Brainstorming ideas around topics and writing personal narratives can be integrated though Movie Maker.  Assistive and flexible technologies such as Tumblebooks and Storybird allows students to promote cross-cultural connections that foster native language and allows parent/child collaboration.

Reflective practices will allow me to informally assess my students cognitive development and acquired knowledge that will guide my inquiry and process of creating dynamic 21st Century collaborative and engaging learning environments.

Cennamo, K., Ross, J. & Ertmer, P. (2009). Technology integration for meaningful classroom use: A standards-based approach. (Laureate Education, Inc., Custom ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning

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