Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's Working?

As we strive to equip our students with 21st Century skills that will prepare them to compete in a global society, it is imperative that we utilize every and all available resources.  Post some effective technology integration strategies that you and/or your school are using in this endeavor.


  1. Hi Cathy!

    One thing I have found that works ... wikis. They are easy to use, can be applied in every subject area, don't require a lot of setup, and kids love using them. Best of all, Wikispaces (my preferred wiki tool, there are others) provides free wikis to educators:


    Hope this helps! Welcome to the world of blogging!


  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I currently have my own web page that I use for everything. I recently added a new link for student blogging. I created an individual blog per grades (2-5) teachers. The students absolutely love it. However, I now realize that it is near impossible for me to solely monitor 320 students comments. I'm brainstorming ways to collaborate with classroom teachers so that they can help monitor individual classes. I will certainly explore the wiki link. Thank you Ken!

  3. Hi Cathy! I have to commend you on developing a blog for that many students! I have 200 and my coworkers and myself are working out the kinks too. One thing we came up with is having different teachers monitor different topics. We realized no one teacher could do it all so we are coming up with lists of topics, time periods etc to break up the work. The kids will appreciate correspondence from more than just one teacher and it definitely takes some of the work load from you. I look forward to working with you this course.

  4. Hi!

    I am about to venture into the world os iPad's tomorrow. I only have one for 33 students though. It's kind of sad, but it's better than nothing. They will get to use it one day per month. I have porograms that differentiate for the needs of all of my students.

  5. Hi Dequency,

    I'm anxiously awaiting to hear how your iPad venture went. I can only imagine how excited and motivated your students were to experience one of the latest technology tools to hit the market.