Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The World of Wikis

I love it!  How's that for starters?  I make this comment as I look at my desk area full of course work, travel plans, church committee notes, etc.   The anxiety associated with the demands of everyday life can become quite overwhelming.  Some left-handed person hit the jackpot with this effective and efficient technology tool.  I say that biasly and with no intent to initiate a left/right brain debate. 

As I gain better understanding of wikis, I find myself brainstorming ways to use them with my students as well as incorporate them in my everyday life.  A few of my girlfriends and I are planning a beach trip.  Using a wiki would be a great way to collaborate every aspect of our trip, while eliminating excessive emails and or detailed that could be easily overlooked.  Here, we could brainstorm ideas together; then post the results to a page that can be constantly modified by as we cover our agenda. 

Educators can collaborate ideas as in a faculty meeting.  Students can work cooperatively on various activities and stay abreast of updates by watching the "recent changes." The benefits are unparallel from school to corporate America. 

Whether you're a novice or experienced user of wikis, I'd like to know your thoughts as to how you're incorporating wikis in your profession and/or personal life.

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  1. During PD a couple years ago, I set up a website for my classes. It was actually a wiki page, but I didn't use it the way we are in class right now. I hadn't realized all the applications/ possibilities for student collaboration. My principal set up a wiki for professional discourse last year, and it has been a great tool for those (few) of us who have taken advantage.

    I think it's neat that you have also found ways to incorporate the wiki into your personal life to make planning easier. Can't wait for those beach days!! :)