Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My GAME Plan: A Work in Progress

My GAME Plan is progressing through my exploration of valuable resources that allow me to better define my objectives.  I've learned that there is a process to how technology can be utilized effectively.  I'm restructuring my thinking to specifically focus on knowing what outcome I'm expecting and identifying the technology that will match that content.  It is imperative that my lessons and objectives are reflective of the diverse cultures, socio-economic and academic abilities of my students.   Exploring assistive technology resources has proven beneficial in that it allows me to know what tools are best for facillitating specific needs of my students.    Benchmark, mid-terms and summative have been traditional ways in which our students have been assessed.  As technology continues to reform education, it is require that we develop  "a cadre of formative assessment techniques so that you can monitor and evaluate what your students are doing."  (Laureate, 2010)
Staying abreast of past, current and future technologies will require that I work collaboratively.   Sharing knowledge with faculty and administration is needed to build PLC environments.  Therefore, I have created a link to my web page that will provide stakeholders will a wealth of information. 

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